5 Amazing Reasons To Study Early Childhood Education

selective focal photo of crayons in yellow box

A child’s brain development occurs in the first five years of life. The early stages of a child’s development will have a significant impact on their entire life. Early childhood educators play an important role to nurture young minds through the joys of learning and laying the right foundation for lifelong success.

If you are not convinced, here are another five amazing reasons to study early childhood education.

1. It is a rewarding career as you get to make a difference

One of the main reasons to pursue early childhood education is the personal satisfaction that it brings. Early childhood educators not only shape young minds but also help them realise their true potential along the way. In short, they get to provide each child with a good start not only in education but also in life.

2. Every day is a new challenge

As an early childhood educator, you will constantly need to be creative to get children inspired and engaged in the classroom. Working in such an environment can be fun as it brings out your “inner child”. Not everyone can say they work in such a fun environment!

child building an four boxes
selective focus photo of baby playing activity cube

3. There are various career options within the education field

Similar to other fields, the field of childhood education is constantly growing. This presents the opportunity for you to pursue not only a career as a preschool teacher. Other job opportunities you could explore include Programme Administrator for early childhood programmes, Consultant, Director/Assistant Director of a Childcare Programme, Home-based Service Providers or even Child Welfare Social Workers.

4. Your skills will always be in demand with bright career prospects

Even in these challenging times of Covid-19, there is and always will be a need for educators to facilitate remote learning. As such, there will be a great demand for teachers who are tech-savvy. The opportunity for advancements as an early childhood educator will continue to grow in the new normal and beyond.

5. You love working with children

This may seem obvious but if you truly enjoy being around young children and nurturing them, then you should pursue your passion as a full-time job.