5 Common Misconceptions About A Career In HR

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Generally, human resources tends to have a bad rep simply because they are viewed as the hire-and-fire crew when in fact they are a group of professionals at the centre of each company’s growth.

In this article, we seek to debunk some of the common misconceptions about HR.

1. HR only hires and fires staff

Nowadays, HR professionals undertake many functions relating to the workforce within an organisation. Employee engagement and training, managing payroll, meeting with managers to understand their employment needs, and interviewing and recommending potential candidates for employment are some of the crucial functions of HR professionals. With a wide variety of job functions, a career in HR can be an exciting one which promises significant career growth in the future.

2. HR is only for a “people person”

This is a popular misconception among many non-HR people. Although one does not have to be a “people person” to thrive in HR, it definitely helps. The truth is, a career in HR requires both soft and hard skills, i.e. a solid understanding of the company’s goals backed by facts and research to ensure growth of the business.

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3. HR is only for women

While many HR professionals tend to be women, it is a diverse industry with men also in leading HR positions in large multinational companies and government agencies. On a larger scale, the HR industry comprises people from various backgrounds including law and finance!

4. HR only cares about what’s best for the company

The success of a company depends on its workforce. As such, staff welfare is equally a priority to HR professionals as much as the overall growth of the business. In essence, HR professionals often work towards striking a balance between company policies or managerial decisions and the general welfare of the workforce.

5. HR will become obsolete due to technology

Some quarters believe that HR will become obsolete with artificial intelligence and software used to vet job applications, keep employees informed, and much more. At the end of the day, the use of technology may only increase efficiency of the HR department instead of replacing it as the “human intelligence” element is an integral component of HR.

Just like other professions, the HR industry is constantly evolving with varied functions and myths about them can be easily dismissed.

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